Luxury Disclaimer

  • 'the fab mitten' is not affiliated with any other brand or luxury fashion house, and all professional authentications have been completed by a third party company. We are not a resale company that has a relationship with any of the brands sold. 
  • All brands sold through this company are represented in an equal nature, and none of the brands sold have been singled out to be a main avenue for advertisement. 
  • All brands named in writing are used in a descriptive matter, and the company acknowledges that all trademarks, names, and logos belong to the brands described. 
  • All items, including high end luxury, are authentic to the very best of our knowledge. We recognize that the sale of inauthentic merchandise is illegal. If a customer proves that an item is inauthentic after purchase, we will issue a refund immediately and request for the item to be destroyed.
  • Serial numbers and/or certificates of authenticity will be shown or given as applicable.
  • All items will be described as 'preloved' 'refurbished' or 'restored' as applicable, and similarly with other descriptive wording. 
  • All photos of items are taken by and are property of 'the fab mitten'
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